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Create a second Warehouse/Vehicles

Greg Budrow

Create a second warehouse

A warehouse is a physical building or space where items are stored. In Multi Touch, it is possible to set up multiple warehouses and transfer stored items between them.

By default, the Multi Touch platform has one warehouse that is already configured, with the address set as the company’s address. To create a second warehouse, select ConfigurationWarehouses, then click Create and configure the form as follows:


Creating a second warehouse will automatically enable the Storage Locations setting, which allows location tracking of products within a warehouse.

  • Warehouse: the full name of the warehouse.
  • Short Name: the abbreviated code by which the warehouse is referred to; the short name for the default warehouse in Multi Touch is WH.
  • Address: the address where the warehouse is located.

After filling out the form, click Save and the new warehouse will be created.

  1. Buy to Resupply: check the box to allow for purchased products to be delivered to the warehouse.
  2. Manufacture to Resupply: allow for items to be manufactured in this warehouse.
  3. Resupply From: select warehouses that can be used to resupply the warehouse being created

Now, go back to the Inventory dashboard. There, new operations related to the newly created warehouse have been automatically generated.

Please find the attached video for better understanding.