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Create New Products

Greg Budrow

  1. Can be Sold

  2. Can be Purchased

  3. Assign Product Type

    1. Storable Product (Keep track of inventory)

      1. Set Inventory Tracking (For Serial Order Products)

    2. Consumable Product (Will show up on delivery ticket, but will not allow inventory tracking)

    3. Service (Labor, Discounts, etc…  Will not show on delivery ticket)

  4. Invoicing Policy (To set up invoicing policies)

    1. Ordered Quantities

    2. Delivered Quantities

  5. Attribute & Variants (To create variant of a product)

  6. Available in Point of Sale (Will help you to make this product available in POS)

    1. Set POS Category

  7. Available on Website

    1. Set Website Category

  8. Set Purchase Information (Vendor, Price, Quantity, etc…)

    1. This information will be used to create the purchase order.

  9. Go to Website

    1. Published & Unpublished product on website

  10. How to duplicate a product (Action >> Duplicate)