Our 100% cloud business software is built to run your business any where, any time.  Using the guidance of our Sauna Clients, we created Multitouch Pro to solve your bottle necks and enhance your overall business operations.

No Expensive Hardware Needed, Mobile Optimized & Unlimited Support. Get Excited it is time to Grow!

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Touch Compatible POS, Digital Proposals, Promotions, Coupons, Gift Cards & Loyalty


Shared Inventory, Coupon Codes, Custom Pricelists, Abandoned Carts 


Easy Scheduling, Mobile Payment Ready, Route Optimization


Back Orders, Operation Types, Put-a-way Rules, Purchasing & Easy Receiving


Complete 360 degree view of business.  Bank Sync, Reconciliation & Bill Matching

Do not settle for expensive, outdated legacy systems

Run MultiTouch Pro to modernize, simplify and improve your business processes today!

Sauna Business Management Software

Over the last 10 years we have perfected our knowledge of the Sauna Industry.  We have worked with hundreds of clients and have helped them increase their sales.  For years we heard how the software they use worked OK.  

OK - Is not good enough, if your software is not helping your business, it is hurting your business.

Together with our Sauna clients, we created Multitouch Pro to remove the pain points of the leading systems.  All systems are not equal, they may claim to be cloud, modern or mobile, but in the end, they are old legacy systems sitting on a remote computer, just not at your office.   Multitouch Pro can be integrated with most other digital systems, creating a software that will be your complete business hub.  

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